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This is a dark and ominous song I made but there’s some beauty in it.

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I am writer and a rapper from Tucson, AZ. Hi.

Horror rap, check it out

Mar 7

Listen/download: Stay The Night by Ed Reyes

Ed's Horror Blog: The Rats and the Girl by Ed Reyes



It was always gloomy in the Stonewall area. Margaret Bell and her husband, Jonathan Bell, had recently moved into the dark town. They had stumbled upon a home that was really cheap, basically a steal. Margaret thought this was too good of a deal. She is very superstitious and cautious. She…

Ed's Horror Blog: Halloween Ritual by Ed Reyes



“I don’t want to dress up for Halloween! I’m not a baby!” said Eric Wilson. Eyes in a squinted death stare to his mother. “Nobody dresses up when they’re sixteen.” “Yes they do, Eric. I saw plenty of kids your age dressed up in their costumes when I drove by your school this morning,” said…

Ed's Horror Blog: Intro Into The Apocalypse By Ed Reyes ©



Intro Into The Apocalypse

By Ed Reyes

Friday, May 22, 2012

11:30pm ET

Two scientists, Michael Coffman and Stanley Gregory, were set on a mission to find a human specimen for a breakthrough experiment they have been conducting in a disclosed science facility. They were both…

Ed's Horror Blog: "The Pizza Cutter by Ed Reyes"



The front door thumps. “Who is it?” You ask. Not a sound comes out. Only the A/C and the faint volume from the television. You shrug it off and read that thump as the neighbors getting home late. “Probably wasn’t even the door. Had to be their stupid car.” But then your conscious says, “Was…

Ed's Horror Blog: Help With A Story by Ed Reyes


Help With A Story

Written by Ed Reyes

I was wide awake. Thoughts about writing the perfect horror story were running in my head like a thousand wolves at once. A stampede of thoughts, plots, characters, dashing in and out, choosing potential ideas as they ran past the wilderness of a…

Ed's Horror Blog: 1:15am by Ed Reyes


My eyes opened. My mouth and throat were so dry. All I can think about is cold water or some refreshing soda. I look at the time on my stereo, and of course, it’s 1:15am. This is the fourth time in a row that I wake up at that particular time. It’s almost like I set my mind to that time to alarm…

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is this the ending to Dark Knight Rises


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